Hello there,
My name is Nia Pham, I am an entrepreneur, a marathoner. I didn’t have any university degree BUT I had 8+ years experiences in building startup, Online Marketing, and WordPress Development Field.

At this blog I shared my experiences, my lessons and case study about Online Marketing. I only write what I think helpful or meanful, not bullshit stuffs that waste your time.

For freelancing, I prefer to work with project in travel or fitness industry which I think it’s aligned with my character. My English is not perfect but I willing improve it every single day. This year I’ve just finished 2 biggest marathon race in Vietnam.

Working Timeline:
2007 – 2009: buy a cell phone and accessories. I bankrupt.

I good at strategic planning, problem-solving, work individual under pressure, the detail in stuff need detail. I also keep up with the latest news, technology, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing  & Social Trends.

I have experienced in both the business side and technical side. I start from a developer.

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Thank you for reading this!

Nia Pham